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Utah Dental Hygienist Schools

Utah has some good dental hygienist schools available for students to attend to receive training and education in dental hygiene. There are locations in three of the major areas in the northern side of the state and one school in the southern part of the state for students to be able to receive an associate’s degree. Utah dental hygienist schools can provide the education and hands-on skills needed to join the job force as a certified dental hygienist. See what dental hygienist schools in Utah are available below.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Utah (UT)

IntelliTec College

Why Choose a Technical Career Program at IntelliTec?

Career-Focused Training

IntelliTec Colleges offers career-focused training in allied health care, business, and technology, leading to a Professional Certificate or an Associate of Occupational Studies degree.

  • Graduate career placement assistance
  • Day and evening classes offered year round
  • Practical, hands-on experience in class
  • Career-specific training equipment
  • Financial assistance is available to those who qualify – this can be determined during your visit at the Campus.
  • Most certificate programs and associate degree programs approved for the training of veterans

Career Services

Each of the IntelliTec College campuses has a dedicated Career Service Department. The primary purpose of the Career Services Department is to assist IntelliTec College graduates in obtaining employment in their areas of specialization.

Our Career Services Department offers assistance to help you find a job.
About IntelliTec Colleges

IntelliTec Colleges has been training people for various careers in Colorado since 1965. Campus locations include Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Pueblo.

IntelliTec Colleges’ mission is to provide excellent career training. Our goal is to produce skilled, employable graduates with our certificate programs and associate degree programs.

IntelliTec Colleges are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

All of IntelliTec Colleges are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

IntelliTec Colleges is a member of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities and the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools.


About Utah Dental Hygienist Jobs

A dental hygienist has a unique job that requires a very specific set of skills and training in order to complete. It is necessary for someone with this type of education to be able to have knowledge and expertise in the dental industry. The primary job function of someone with this type of education is to clean teeth and help patients to maintain a healthy smile. Since there are many things that can go wrong with teeth and it tends to be fairly painful, it is important for someone in this type of position to be able to help patients with preventative care techniques they can do at home. This will help to decrease the chances of them getting cavities, having any type of tooth decay, and getting gum disease.

Job Outlook in Utah

Being able to find a job after graduating is an important step in the process of getting an education. Going through a degree program and then not being able to find a job essentially defeats the purpose of getting the education in the first place. To combat this it can be helpful to understand what type of job atmosphere exists in the state of Utah to help potential job applicants.

Two of the more popular locations to get a job within the state are Salt Lake City and Provo. They both have average annual salaries of right around $65,000 per year and there is an average amount of jobs available in proportion to the size of the populations of the cities. There are jobs available in other cities in the state such as St. George and Orem, so if a student is not able to find a job in the larger areas there are other options available.