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Job Description

The dental hygienist plays an important role in preventative dental health care. They inform patients on how best to maintain oral hygiene while at the same time assisting them in doing this. When a patient comes in, the dental hygienist, working with the dental assistant, will receive them amicably. On determining the nature of their visit, they will then proceed to clean their teeth by removing any soft and hard matter from the teeth. After doing this, the hygienist will then proceed to record the health statistics of that patient. If the patient is not undergoing further dental procedures then the dental hygienist will proceed to advise them on the best ways to maintain oral hygiene and health in order to prevent any dental diseases or conditions.

Training and Financial Aid

To become a licensed practicing dental hygienist, one must fulfill certain training requirements. Almost all states, including the state of Ohio, require that on completion of a dental hygienist course in one of the Cleveland dental hygienist schools, the student should sit for a written assessment test administered by the ADA Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations. This certification, if achieved, in addition to ones certificate, associate or undergraduate degree from the dental hygienist training school, is what opens the door to the work place. During one’s training, one may opt for financial aid. Information on this is available in the schools offering the courses.


On completion of the basic requirements, one may decide to advance further in order to get greater expertise as well as open more career opportunities. The advancements available include an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and masters. These advanced qualifications enable the professional to apply for more advanced dental hygienist jobs such as in research facilities, public institutions or in teaching institutions.