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The state of Massachusetts has a good number of dental hygienist schools that students can go to in order to get a degree in dental hygiene. There are universities, community colleges, as well as technical colleges offering associate’s degrees, certificates and advanced degree programs to train dental hygienist students for their dental hygiene careers.

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About Massachusetts Dental Hygienist Jobs

A dental hygienist is an essential asset to any dental practice. They are the ones that perform many of the routine daily tasks that patients come in for. These include preventative maintenance items such as teeth cleaning and polishing. It is also the responsibility of a dental hygienist to help patients to improve their daily hygiene habits, which can help them to prevent things such as gun disease, tooth decay, and cavities.

Job Outlook In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an excellent state to find a job in dental hygiene. There are numerous cities that have lots of jobs available and the pay is above average compared to others states in the US. This means that students that graduate with an Associates degree should be able to find work relatively quickly and they should be able to get paid really well just starting out in the job market.

Some of the better cities to find jobs in the state of Massachusetts include Leominster, Barnstable, New Bedford, Lawrence, Haverhill, Worcester, and Boston. All of these cities have a higher proportion of jobs in comparison to the population than the average, with the exception of Boston. Boston is a little bit oversaturated in the job market for these types of positions, but it also has the highest average pay in the state coming in close to $80,000 per year. Some other good cities to work in for pay include Haverhill, Lowell, Leominster, and Barnstable. The average annual salary in these cities is $78,500, $79,000, $73,500, and $74,000 respectively.