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About Dental Hygienist Jobs

The dental hygienist is professionally trained to perform cleanings of patient’s teeth and gums, along with teaching the patient proper oral care. They examine the gums and teeth, charting results of any abnormalities. They use many tools to remove deposits from the teeth, and provide deep cleanings. Instruments include rotary and hand tools, along with ultrasonic machines for cleaning and polishing teeth. They work to remove stains, plaque build-up and tartar. They x-ray teeth and can develop the x-rays if necessary. They teach proper brushing and flossing and apply fluorides and sealants. Other duties may include administer of anesthetics and applying temporary fillings, dressings, removing sutures and metal restoring.

Work Environment

The dental hygienist work in a very clean and brightly lit environment. They are required to adhere to strict procedures concerning radiology and using protective devices. They are required to wear surgical masks, gloves and safety glasses to protect the patient and themselves.

Training and Education

Dental hygiene programs require a high school diploma and an entrance exam with adequate scores that are required to enter this program. Prerequisites include biology, math, and chemistry. Some schools require at least a year of college before becoming qualified for entrance into the dental hygienist program. Dental offices usually require their dental hygienist to have an associate degree or a certificate. For teaching, research or county school positions, normally a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required. Upon acceptance into a dental hygienist program the student will learn chemistry, anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, radiography, periodontology, pathology, clinical dental hygiene and dental materials.


Florida requires all dental hygienist to be licensed. Candidates must have completed the hygienist program through an accredited school and must pass a written exam as well as a clinical exam. The written exam is offered through the American Dental Association’s Joint Commission on National Dental Exams and the clinical must be done through regional testing agencies. Passing both examinations will qualify the dental hygienist to work in every state except Alabama, where this state requires a state exam.

Average Salaries in Miami for Dental Hygienist

For a new dental hygienist, salary is around $52,000, with the average salary at $58,240 and hygienist with many years of experience earn approximately $62,400 annually.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Miami

MDC Medical Center Campus
950 N.W. 20 Street
Miami, FL 33127-4622

MDC North Campus
11380 NW 27 AV
Miami, FL 33167-3418