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The state of Michigan has a wide variety of dental hygienist schools providing training in the field of dental hygiene. Michigan dental hygienist schools offer associate’s degrees, certificates, and advanced degree programs teaching the dental skills and background knowledge needed to perform as a dental hygienist.

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About Michigan Dental Hygienist Jobs

To provide a better explanation of what a dental hygienist does and what type of duties they are required to conduct each day it will be good to look into it in further detail. One of their most important tasks is to clean the teeth of patients. This involves checking for indications of cavities or gum disease as well as teaching patients the proper techniques to care for their teeth and help keep bad things from happening to them. They also commonly have responsibilities for taking x-rays, updating patient records, helping repair cavities, and making molds of teeth for prosthetic’s as well as crowns.

Job Outlook In Michigan

For someone that has graduated already or is interested in working in the state of Michigan it can be helpful to understand what the job outlook is within the state. There are lots of great cities that someone could find a good job in. Some of the top cities for finding jobs include Bay City, Flint, Monroe, Saginaw, and Jackson. Some of the larger markets for jobs include Lansing, Kalamazoo, Warren, Grand Rapids, and Detroit.

All of the cities located within the state have different average salaries that a dental hygienist could earn. For those that are interested in being paid the maximum for the work that they do it may be a good idea to learn what cities offer these higher paying jobs. The highest paying cities within the state include Niles at $65,800 per year, Warren at $64,000 per year, Ann Arbor at $63,000 per year, and Detroit at $62,000 per year. For someone that wants to get paid a lot, these would be the cities they would want to try to find a job in within the state of Michigan.