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About Dental Hygienist Jobs

Dental hygienists are licensed oral health professionals and are important to the dental team. Preventive health care is their goal. Some services performed by dental hygienists may be reviewing patient’s health history, dental charting and evaluation a patient’s oral health. They may expose, process and interpret dental radiography. Dental hygienists use dental instruments to remove plaque and calculus or tartar from the gum line. Educating or counseling patients about ways to keep their teeth and gums healthy is also part of their job.

Clinical dental hygienists can choose to work in many different health care settings such as private dental offices, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, public health organizations and government agencies. You need a 2 or 4 year degree in dental hygiene. Two year programs usually offer an associate’s degree. Many universities have dental hygiene programs that are usually four years and give a bachelor’s degree. It’s mandatory for a dental hygienist to be licensed by the state that they practice in.

Job Outlook

The dental hygienist job outlook is excellent. Dental hygiene will continue to be one of the top professional careers to grow according to the 2000-2001 edition of the Occupational Handbook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that dental hygiene is one of the fastest growing occupations. There’s an increasing demand for dental care and hygienists.


The average salary for a dental hygienist in the state of Minneapolis is $55.000. The amount of salary also depends on the company, location and benefits. Another thing that determines a dental hygienist salary is the type of degree they have.

Minneapolis Dental Hygienist Schools

Herzing University Minneapolis
5700 West, MN 55428
Website: www.herzing.edu/minneapolis

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
515 Delaware Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Website: www.dentistry.umn.edu

Argosy University, Twin Cities
1515 Central Parkway
Egan, MN. 55121
Website: drf.dentalschools.com/Argosy-University/locations/twincities

Minnesota West
Community & Technical College (Pipestone Campus)
1314 North Hiawatha Ave.
Pipestone, MN 56164
Website: www.mnwest.edu

Minnesota West
Community & Technical College (Granite Falls Campus)
1593 11th Avenue
Granite Falls MN. 56241

Minnesota State University
South Rd. and Ellis Ave
Mankato, MN. 56001
Website: www.mnsu.edu