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Minnesota dental hygienists can enroll in any of the available Minnesota dental hygienist schools to earn an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. These programs last around two years and cover medical and science topics related to dentistry. Students interested in going further in their careers can obtain a bachelor’s or master’s level degree.

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About Dental Hygienist Careers in Minnesota

Dental care is an important aspect of overall healthcare. Proper cleaning procedures severely limit the risk of cavities. Dental hygienists are dental care professionals that specialize in cavity prevention. They are trained to completely remove plaque and calcified plaque. Manual dexterity aids in accurately removing plaque. Dental hygienists teach their patients proper dental care, and they warn them of possible problems.

A dentist will hire a good hygienist to assist with cleanings, x-rays, and some dental procedures. This professional must be skilled and reliable. Also, good people skills is a necessity. A dental hygienist must truly enjoy people; they are in constant contact with patients. A dental hygienist often sees a patient more than the dentist. Actually, this is a better situation. This means there are no major dental problems. States can greatly regulate the other duties of dental hygienists. Advanced dental care duties must be authorized by the individual state.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in Minnesota

The typical dental hygienist can earn $66,000 in Minnesota. Some salaries range from $54,000 to $78,000. Exceptional dental hygienists can make $91,000 per year. These highly paid professionals have extensive experience and education.

Job Outlook

Unemployment is consistently low in dental hygiene. Moreover, the labor department projects incredible job growth in the next ten to twelve years. Our seniors will need good preventative dental care. They are keeping their teeth much longer than previous older people. Also, babies and toddlers are going to the dentist sooner.

Retiring dentists make room for younger dentists; therefore, dental hygienist will be needed for these new dentists.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each healthcare professional has a duty to provide exceptional patient care. A good dental hygienist will be professional, reliable, courteous, and skilled. A dentist expects the dental hygienist to partner with other team members. The partnership creates an excellent dental practice.