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If you would like to work in dental hygiene in the state of Montana, you will need to complete dental hygienist training from one of the Montana dental hygienist schools available. Colleges and universities offer accredited dental hygiene programs. You can select the program that best fits your needs. After the degree is attained, you will need to test for your license.

See what dental hygienist schools in Montana are available.

About Dental Hygienist Careers in Montana

Do you want a great career that directly helps people? Are you fascinated with a healthy smile? If you replied yes to any of these questions, you may want to examine a career in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists are crazy about healthy, beautiful teeth. Bright, dazzling pearly whites definitely get their approval. This professional is a big part of keeping those teeth in tip top shape. For example, it is recommended that you get your teeth cleaned twice a year. This means you are likely to see your dental hygienist more often than the dentist. Do not worry. This is definitely a good thing.

A visit in the dentist chair usually means trouble; however, a visit in the dental hygienist’s chair results in whiter teeth. Teaching patients how to take care of their teeth is an important part of the job. We all think we know how to brush our choppers; however, we often miss important spaces between the teeth. Most dental hygienists will stress the importance of flossing and brushing every single day.

Roles and Responsibilities

Dentist depend on the skill and courtesy of their dental hygienist. They expect the dental hygienist to teach and instruct patients on proper dental health. Accuracy is important in this field. In addition, dental hygienist need to be compassionate to terrified patients.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in Montana

Our dental hygienist are important to us, and Montana compensates them nicely. For example, the traditional dental hygienist makes a salary of around $65,000 per year. Now entry level dental hygienists may start out with $55,000 per year. Salaries can increase to over $90,000 per year.

Job Outlook

People that are interested in dental hygienist’s careers can expect exceptional job growth. Many vacancies will result because of a substantial increase in older patients. More baby boomers are needing to care for natural teeth; thus, dental offices will see explosive growth in the coming years.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for you to earn a degree. Financial gifts are awarded each year to millions of students. You can go online and submit your FAFSA application to get started. After you complete this application, you can speak with an advisor at your institution. They will be able to help you with the process. Your dream career is within your reach.