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New Hampshire Dental Hygienist Schools

Intensive training in dental hygiene is accomplished during a two year associate program at one of the dental hygienist schools in New Hampshire. Graduates should hold a degree from an accredited dental hygiene program. This education allows the student to sit for the state license exam. A successful license exam thrusts the student into the field of dental hygiene.

About Dental Hygienist Careers in New Hampshire

Dental health is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that gum disease can affect other bodily systems? Our body is a complex machine, and one system out of alignment can negatively affect other systems. That is why proper dental care is essential to maintaining overall health. Infections that go untreated can lead to serious problems in the mouth.

Furthermore, dentists are highly visible to everybody. Everyone focuses on the dentist; however, other members of the dental office provide very necessary support to the dentist. For example, the dental hygienist is the person that sees your teeth before the dentist. In fact, this professional cleans, polishes, and takes x-rays before the dentist comes in the room. Also, initial dental exams are performed by the dental hygienist. Then, the findings are recorded in your dental chart.

The duties of dental hygienists vary by state. One state may say dental hygienist can remove sutures, apply temporary fillings or give anesthetics. Other states can forbade dental hygienists to do these procedures. Thus, the state you work in will determine the extent of your duties. Moreover, your main job duty is to provide excellent customer service and dental care to patients. This does not change.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in New Hampshire

What job can you earn over $60,000 per year and only go to school for two years? Well, become a dental hygienist. New Hampshire dental hygienists earn between $55,450 to $78,700 per year. Surprisingly, some dental hygienists earn more than $90,500 per year. This is truly a great career.

Job Outlook

Dental hygiene positions are expected to increase throughout the next ten years. This growth can be attributed to increasing elderly populations in the U.S. Many seniors are retiring and needing dental care services. The ability to find a job should not be a problem for the dental hygienist.

Roles and Responsibilities

Every healthcare professional must provide exceptional service. This is the standard of care that all dental and healthcare professionals should strive to meet. Dentists come to rely on their dental hygienists; they work together as a cohesive team.