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About Dental Hygienist Jobs in Oakland

Many people do not know exactly what the dental hygienist does every day. The dental technician is responsible for many healthy smiles in Oakland. Most days the dental hygienist spends their day cleaning plaque and tartar from teeth. In addition, the dental hygienist teaches proper dental care techniques. Lack of flossing is one of the most common factors that lead to tooth decay. Dental hygienists try to encourage patients to take better care of their teeth. They also handle x-rays and development of the x-ray film. The results are recorded in the patient’s file.

Similar to a surgical technician, the dental hygienist helps the dentist during dental procedures. Sterilized instruments are placed on the table next to the dental chair. The preparation for a procedure occurs before the dentist enters the room. Dental hygienists in Oakland also perform office duties. Ordering supplies, billing, and receiving payments are all a part of their job duties. There is hardly ever a boring day in the life of a dental hygienist.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in Oakland

Helping people can be very profitable. Dental hygienists in Oakland bring in yearly incomes of about $67,000. This figure is an average of all salaries in the Oakland area. The middle percent of technicians or dental hygienists earn between $60,000 to $78,989 in the Oakland area.

Educational Requirements

You can start your career in dental hygiene in the next couple of years. States mandate an associate degree and state license in dental hygiene. These standards must be met prior to employment. Oakland has community colleges that offer dental hygiene programs. If you are really ambitious, you can go further. A bachelor’s or master’s degree can mean big bucks in this field.

Job Outlook

Our nation has more seniors than ever. The life span has increased to about 78 years of life, and seniors are retaining their teeth longer also. This means more patients for the local dentist.

Roles and Responsibilities

You have to be committed to quality and customer service to be an excellent dental hygienist. Both of these factors play a big part in your future success.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Oakland

San Jose City College
2100 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95128-2798

Institute of Medical Education
Oakland Campus
7901 Oakport Street
Oakland, CA 94621

Financial Aid

The struggle to finance college tuition costs is an obstacle to many; however, there are resources available to assist you. Grants are free financial gifts for education. You must look for them on the web and the financial aid office at your college.