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Dental Hygienists: Overview and Roles

Dental hygienists work directly with patients, so being comfortable with new people is a must for entering into the field. A typical day of a dental hygienists involves explaining proper oral care techniques, checking the gums and teeth for problems, working with the dentist on patients, and in some states administering local anesthesia. Having good hand-eye coordination is also vital since hygienists work with small tools in small areas, there is little room for error.

One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a dental hygienists is their scheduling. Some hygienists report only working 35 hours per week, while others report working at two different dentists offices because they work part time at each. It offers a flexible schedule that many other careers can not offer.

Work Environment

The environment for a dental hygienist is an office setting with frequently alternating between sitting and standing. Many hygienists report shoulder and neck problems after prolonged years of sitting and bending over the patient. Hygienists also read and fill out patients files, so they have their fair share of paperwork.

Employment Outlook

The employment for dental hygienists is expected to increase steady through the years. It is predicted that by 2018 there will be a 36% increase in jobs around the states. More heavily populated cities will see the greater increase in job openings versus small cities.

Salary Outlook

The average earnings is between $55,220 and $78,990 per year. A small percentage of people, 10%, reported earning more than $90,000 per year. Most dental hygienists receive some type of worker benefits, whether they work part time or full time. These included, sick days, paid vacation, etc. A dental hygienist may get paid hourly, salary per day, or even on commission. It is up to the place of employment as to how they pay its hygienists.

Education and Training

Entering in a dental hygienist program requires having already completed one year of basic education in most colleges. However, contact your school of choice for more information. After graduation, the student must become certified with the state in which they intend to practice. This includes passing an oral and written examination. The written exam is given by the American Dental Association and is accepting by all states.

Schools in Orlando

Valencia Community College
190 S. Orange Ave
Orlando FL 32801

Sanford-Brown Institute
5959 Lake Ellenor Road
Orlando FL 32809

Everest University
5421 Diplomat Center
Orlando FL 32810