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About Dental Hygienist Careers in San Jose

We only get one amazing body; thus, it is important to take great care of our bodies. Modern medicine and dentistry help us with this. Dental care has become more sophisticated over the years. Furthermore, researchers have discovered new ways to enhance the look of our smiles. One dental care provider, the dental hygienist, is especially interested in preserving the health of your teeth. Every day, dental hygienists around the country work hard to clean and polish patient’s smiles. They constantly try to encourage good dental care habits at home. Preventative dental care is key to reducing tooth decay. This function is the core of what the dental hygienist does every day. Also, the dental hygienist takes and develops x-rays. The x-ray can reveal serious problems in the mouth.

Also, the dentist and dental hygienist work together to complete complex dental procedures. The assistance of the dental hygienist increases the quality of dental care in the office. Sterilization and instrument set up are two of many duties performed by the dental hygienist. A dental hygienist works in a profession that can truly make a difference in the lives of many. Our teeth are precious gifts that should be cared for well.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in San Jose

Currently, most adults are looking to make the right career move. Jobs have been outsourced, and companies close every day; however, dental hygienists continue to make excellent income. The median income figures for a dental hygienist in San Jose is around $55,000. This is an average estimate. This field has room for a highly skilled dental hygienist to increase their income. Salaries ranging from $55,078 to $78,897 are not uncommon in San Jose.

Educational Requirements

The dental hygienist field is highly regulated by state governments. A dental hygienist needs an associate degree and a dental hygienist license to practice in the state. The degree must be from an accredited dental hygiene educational program, and the student can become licensed by taking the certification test in the proposed state of employment.

Job Outlook

Jobs in dental hygiene are expected to increase; thus, more dental hygienists will be needed to fill these vacancies. The patients that will demand the most care will be older people.

Dental Hygienist Schools in San Jose

Western Career College - San Jose Campus
6201 San Ignacio Ave.
San Jose, CA 95119

Everest College - San Jose North
1245 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 102
San Jose, CA 95128

Financial Aid

Diligence and effort will be rewarded nicely. You can receive the funds you need to pay for your college education.

The web is full of grants and scholarships. Another great resource is your financial aid professional at your school.