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What is a Dental Hygienist?

A Dental Hygienist is a licensed professional the specializes in oral hygiene and assist the dentist. There are normally five steps a dental hygienist takes with a patient. Assisting the patient going over a full medical review, any necessary x rays and giving the first initial visual exam of the mouth. A diagnosis by assessing the data they collected during the visit with the patient. A treatment plain that my have to adjust for any immediate needs the patient may have. Implementing or carrying out the plan and lastly evaluation of the work that was preformed to determine the effectiveness.

Work Environment

Dental Hygienist can work in private and group dental practices, dental school clinics, insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, mobile dental units, and public and private health facilities.

Salary Outlook

The median salary for a Dental Hygienists in the united states is around $30 an hour.

Educational Requirements

In order to practice Dental Hygiene in the united states you must first get a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene. Typically it takes four years of collage to obtain such a degree. Graduate degrees normally take around two years to complete and are more common. A dental hygienist must have a license for the state they are practicing in.

Schools in St. Paul Offering Dental Hygienist Training Programs

Metropolitan State University
700 East 7th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106-5000

Argosy University (Online)

Herzing University (Online)