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About Dental Hygienist Jobs

Hygienists are members of the dental team who have been licensed to provide educational, therapeutic and preventive services. They carry out oral health care that includes reviewing the patients’ health histories, oral cancer screening, dental charting, exposing and processing dental x-rays, and taking and recording blood pressure. They apply agents such as sealants and fluorides to prevent cavities and remove tarter and plaque from the teeth. They also teach patients proper hygiene techniques and counsel them on the importance of good nutrition and maintaining optimal oral health.

Salary Outlook

The remuneration for entry level positions average at $15.91 per hour while experienced dental hygienists can earn up to $40.67. This is according to the data provided by the Florida Agency for Workforce Development. The median earning for dental hygienists in Tampa averages at $24.06. However, earnings vary depending on the years of experience, employment setting and geographical location. Those who work in private practices may receive salaries, hourly pay or daily commissions depending on their agreement with their employers.

Job Opportunities

Dental hygienist job opportunities are available in Tampa and throughout the entire Florida state. Some areas have a higher demand for dental hygienists than others. The Florida Agency for Workforce Development estimates the openings for dental hygienists in the state to be 370 per year. When compared to other health related occupations, dental hygienist careers are growing at a rate of 3.4% higher.


To be a dental hygienist, you have to have a high school diploma or GED. You also have to enroll for a minimum of 2 years in a recognized dental hygiene program. Some institutions may require you to take college courses before enrolling in their dental programs. There are over 18 accredited dental hygienist programs available in Florida.

You are also required to have an Associate of Science (AS) degree to qualify to be a dental hygienist.

Cost of Education And Financial Aid

In Tampa, a 2 year dental hygiene program costs about $4,500. Qualified applicants are eligible for Federal, state and private scholarships to cater for the cost of tuition fee.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Tampa

Sanford-Brown Institute - Tampa
5701 East Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL 33610
Website: www.sbtampa.com

Remington College - Tampa
2410 E. Busch Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33612
Website: www.remingtoncollege.edu

Hillsborough Community College D
Dental Hygiene Program
4001 Tampa Bay Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33614-2754
Website: www.hccfl.edu