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Job Description

Starting off as a dental hygienist is an exciting career prospect. Dental hygienists have one of the most flexible and fastest growing jobs in the entire job market. So, what exactly does a dental hygienist do? Dental hygienists are primarily involved in preventative dental health care. They clean patient’s teeth by removing any hard or soft materials, removing stains and whitening the teeth. In addition, the hygienist carries out other procedures as a support staff for the dentist. These may include administering anesthesia, radiological tools as well as other instruments. However, the exact roles and duties of these professionals vary from state to state and depend on certain guidelines.

Training and Financial Aid

In addition to on the job training, before one can begin working as a dental hygienist, one requires a certain level of formal training. This is so as to satisfy state requirements that require one undertake dental hygienist training and sit for a written state administered exam in order to qualify. Columbus dental hygienist schools offer just this as they provide the relevant courses in certificate, associate or graduate degree levels. On qualification to enroll in such a program, the student may decide to apply for a scholarship or some other form of financial aid from the government, relevant organizations or the school. In which case, it is important to do so immediately on application in order to increase one’s chances of getting the aid in good time.

Career Advancement

Most dental hygienists may find after some time that the number of dental hygienists in Columbus is steadily rising. In order to stay ahead, it may be a good idea to further ones qualifications. This is especially so if one desires more permanent and better paying job situations. These advancement courses are available in the various Columbus dental hygienist schools and therefore easily accessible.

Employment, Job Outlook and Earnings

As the job market in America continues to recover, dental hygiene jobs are projected to be some of the fastest growing in the entire job market. Projected to grow at a steady rate of 36% per year through to 2018, these jobs are bound to see more professionals assimilated into this field. In addition, as private dental practices grow due to the increased need for preventative dental health care and an aging population, they are projected to hire more than one hygienist each going forward. Earnings stood at around $61,345 as at 2008 and are projected to grow proportionally to the increase in jobs in this sector.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.