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Dental hygienists in North Dakota should be graduates of one of the dental hygienist schools in North Dakota offering certificate and degree programs in dental hygiene. It takes the average student one to two years to complete these programs. Advanced studies in dental hygiene are covered in bachelor and master level programs, where students can expect to advance more quickly with these higher credentials.

About Dental Hygienist Careers in North Dakota

The main focus of a dental hygienist is dental health. Disease prevention is their aim. Thus, dental hygienists spend time educating their patients on proper dental health procedures. These professionals can focus on areas of the teeth that are not receiving proper care. Oftentimes, the toothbrush is not a good design for the patient, or the patient is simply carelessly brushing teeth. Plaque coloration solutions can reveal just how much plaque remains on the teeth.

The dental hygienist is a key partner in the success of most dental practices. Some dentists go it alone; however, those dental practices are unable to provide the same time and attention to each patient. The dentist that has a capable dental hygienist can devote their time to more complex matters. Thus, time is not wasted on routine dental treatments. Duties can change from state to state. Each state has the ability to decide what job functions can be performed by the dental hygienist. Some states will allow this professional to give a patient an anesthetic; other states will only allow the dentist this authority.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in North Dakota

The typical yearly salary of a dental hygienist in North Dakota is $64,000. This is an average salary range. Many dental hygienists earn between $55,500 to $78,560 in North Dakota. Higher salaries are possible also; for example, some dental hygienists earn more than $90,000 per year. These professionals have extensive experience and education in more advanced techniques in dental hygiene.

Job Outlook

The profession of dental hygiene has a positive future. More dental hygienists will be needed, and the demand will often exceed the supply. Unemployment is projected to stay relatively low.

Roles and Responsibilities

The dental hygienist is expected to work well with patients and staff members. A calm demeanor is needed. The volume of tasks that are required will demand a clear, stable mind. Also, the successful dental hygienist will be reliable and very detail oriented.