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About Dental Hygienist Jobs in Philadelphia

The best case scenario is two visits to the dental hygienist each year. Unfortunately, most of us have to also see the dentist. Poor dental care habits land us a seat in the dentist chair. Our dental hygienist is on the front lines of dental care. We learn better brushing and flossing habits from this professional. Patient education is one of the main functions of the dental hygienist. Taking x-ray images is another important duty of this technician. X-ray images provide a detailed look at the health of the tooth.

Dental hygienist works in unison with the dentist. Patients receive cleanings and cavity treatments from the dental hygienist. Problem areas in the mouth are pointed out to the patient. Furthermore, the dental hygienist is concerned with promoting healthy dental care practices. Our teeth are important; dental problems can cause other health related issues. Most tooth decay is preventable with good cleaning habits.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of a dental hygienist is to support the dentist. Dentists have the freedom to focus on complex procedures because of the dental hygienist and dental assistant. Both of these professionals also assist during more complicated dental procedures. The dental hygienist is more trained and skilled than the dental assistant.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in Philadelphia

Solid incomes are common for the dental hygienist. In Philadelphia, the average dental hygienist will command a salary of at least $55,000. This salary can be derived from full time work at one practice, or multiple part time jobs at different offices. Dental hygienists have flexible scheduling options. The middle 50% of dental hygienists earn between $56,000 to $78,450 in Philadelphia.

Educational Requirements

The minimum qualification for a licensed dental hygienist is an associate degree. Every practicing dental hygienist must obtain an associate’s degree from an institution approved by the ADA. This is the prerequisite for licensure for the dental hygienist progression. The student also has the option of studying further. Undergraduate and graduate level programs are also available.

Job Outlook

Jobs are increasing in healthcare fields. Further growth is expected for many years to come. Growing numbers of seniors are placing stress on the current dental care system. This growth will increase. Thus, the field of dental care can use more Philadelphia dental hygienists that are highly skilled and trained.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Philadelphia

Community College Of Philadelphia
1700 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3991

Delaware Valley Academy Of
Medical And Dental Assistants
3330 Grant Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19114

Financial Aid

Millions of dollars are available to students; however, the money must be located. The web is a great way to locate financial aid gifts that will limit or eliminate the need for school loans.