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Dental Hygienist Job Description

Dental hygienists are the professionals that keep smiles bright and attractive by cleaning teeth and gums and providing instructions on proper oral care. They also apply fluoride treatments and other preventive treatments, along with taking x-rays, accessing gum disorders, administering anesthesia and sometimes assisting the dentist with certain procedures. They also perform certain office duties such as answering phones, updating charts and computer operation.

Job Opportunities

Dental Hygienist work under the supervision of a dentist, in a dental office, health care facility, public health office or schools. Dental Hygienist is a growing profession. With new opportunities becoming available constantly as many new dentist open their practices, these positions must also be filled. Also with less dentures being used today, due to advanced dental techniques, more people require the attention of a dental hygienist to keep their teeth shiny and bright, along with keeping their gums healthy and disease free.


Starting pay for a dental hygienist is approximately $59,858. The average salary for an experienced dental hygienist is $75,664 yearly. Vacation pay, holiday pay, health insurance, 401k’s and pension plans are normally offered with these positions.

Schooling and Education

Dental Hygienist students are required to obtain an Associate in Science Degree or diploma at a school that has been accredited by the American Dental Association. Graduates are eligible to take the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam, the California RDH exam and other required licensing exams. Most schools require the student to buy uniforms, special supplies and instruments.

Upon completion of the dental program the student will be adequately trained to know what is required to safely and effectively treat a patient with dental hygiene procedures. They will also be prepared to pass the examinations that are required in the state of California for licensing. Learning to perform their functions in a calm and friendly manner are also required since many patients suffer with anxiety and nervousness while being treated for dental problems.


Preparing for enrollment is important if someone is seriously planning to become a dental hygienist. Prerequisite classes that must be completed are chemistry, algebra, biology and physiology, nutrition, introduction to dental hygiene and many other required courses. Depending upon the subject, these classes must be passed with certain minimal grade averages.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Sacramento

Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95822

Western Career College
Sacramento Location
Folsom Blvd. 8909
Sacramento, CA