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About Dental Hygienist Careers in San Francisco

Do you remember the traveling dental bus when you were in elementary school? This bus stopped by many local schools and gave kids lessons on proper dental care. The person that gave you the toothbrush and other goodies was probably a dental hygienist. This professional is excited about protecting teeth from decay. Most dental hygienists spend a great deal of their time teaching patients. The goal is eliminate or prevent painful dental pain. Furthermore, a beautiful smile is a great asset to have. Thus, it is important to treat your teeth with respect. Dental hygienists around the country try to teach this to the young and old.

Teaching is only one of the many duties a dental hygienist has. These dental professionals also clean, floss, and seal your teeth. In addition, they apply a fluoride substance to further protect your teeth. Although they perform all of these preventative tasks, you have the biggest responsibility. It is up to you to take care of your teeth.

Does this sound like a career you are interested in learning more about? This profession can be highly satisfying; you get to make a huge difference in the lives of people. Our teeth allow us to enjoy tasty foods. Thus, keeping our teeth healthy is an important goal.

Dental Hygienist Salaries in San Francisco

Beautiful California is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous people. Dental hygienist help to keep the smiles looking amazing. This service is definitely well compensated. For example, the normal dental hygienist earns a cool salary of approximately $66,700 in San Francisco. This is not the maximum either. There is room to increase your salary to more than $90,000.

Roles and Responsibilities

You are looked at as a healthcare professional in dentistry. High standards of excellence must be adhered to at all times. Patients expect it, and the ADA also enforces these standards.

Educational Requirements

A career in dental hygiene is a great career move. It does not take a long time to prepare. For instance, dental hygienist must obtain an associate’s degree in San Francisco to practice. The associate’s diploma must be from an accredited dental hygiene institution. Before working on patients, the dental hygienist must also get licensed.

Promotions and increased responsibilities come with more education. Of course, this means a higher salary.

Job Outlook

The future is positive in the dental care industry. Projections demonstrate an increased need for dental hygienist in the upcoming decade. More baby boomers will have to get dental care.

Dental Hygienist Schools in San Francisco

City College Of San Francisco
50 Phelan Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112-1898

University Of California
500 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94143

Financial Aid

Lack of money does not have to stop your career dreams. Many grants and scholarships are available for qualifying students. You can search the web to find these awards. Also, you should make sure to check with your financial aid advisor.